About Us

SMA AERO, LLC, a Kansas Limited Liability Company, was formed in 2013 by Matt and Stephanie Anker.  The company provides engineering consulting, aircraft management, and flight instruction services.
About Matt:

An aviation enthusiast since birth, and pilot since 2004, Matt was set from a very young age to work on airplanes.  Additionally, entrepreneurship is in his blood, having formed an audio equipment modification firm, SACDmods.com, while still in high school.  He graduated from Ohio State University in 2008 with an Electrical Engineering degree and minor in Aviation (having earned the Instrument Rating).  

Since 2008, he has lived and worked in Wichita, KS, first for Cessna Aircraft both as a direct and in contract roles involving avionics/electrical systems, and business development.  In 2013, he moved to STC house 3S Engineering as a certification engineer.  Having formed SMA AERO in late 2013, the business has grown into a full time venture with business segments in both engineering consulting and flight training.